Thursday, February 27, 2020

Marketing Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Marketing Paper - Essay Example The products are procured from manufacturers at a discounted rate in comparison to price determined by manufacturers for offering those goods to local retailers. Contextually, it has been aimed to conduct a product launch in the emerging market of China with the motive of improving the international market exposure of made-in-America products and to enhance profitability of the club. The developing economy in China will assist the club in performing its business operations in an effective manner. The discussion will emphasize the recognition of media used for marketing American products in the market of China. Moreover, pricing strategies are required to be formulated for developing better competitiveness of the products in China and America. Furthermore, an analysis is also needed to be performed for understanding the reasons for penetrating the market of China. Reasons Behind Choosing the Market of China The market trends of China are developing in a drastic manner and there has be en an increased demand for good quality products due to the enlargement in the number of customers. China possesses the second largest economy worldwide and there is an upward increase in the buying behavior of people in China. Moreover, consumers of products and services in China consider value relating to quality, reliability and features to be the most important aspects among products or services which are to be acquired. Furthermore, consumers in China are considered to be flexible and conscious and with the development of technology, behavior of consumers in China has changed as they are becoming more inclined to obtain better innovative products or services. These changes in the buying pattern of consumers have facilitated China to be regarded as an emerging market worldwide. The changes in the market trend of China has also attracted investment from international organizations along with attracting multinational corporations (MNCs) for conducting business operations in this b ooming economy of China (The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, 2012). The market size of the Chinese market has increased to a great extent owing to the continued growth in the economy and due to the increase in the number of consumers. The positive market conditions in China have attracted a lot of foreign investments and have drawn a few MNCs to operate in China, which has improved the growth and size of the market. The developed economy and favorable market conditions will assist national and international companies in performing business operations in a more effective manner and will also aid companies in enhancing profitability. All these conditions will assist AGW Club in conducting business operations in a more effective manner. Moreover, blooming economic conditions in China and the changing buying trend of consumers will facilitate the club to perform effectively and with profitability. All these favorable market conditions and trends are the factors responsible for selecting the market of China. SWOTT A SWOTT analysis has been performed for understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends of China. The SWOTT analysis will also assist in recognizing the various aspects of China. Strengths The economic condition of China has been prospering over

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